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Weavers' Exchange: Equipment to Sell 

Online listing allows current members to sell their equipment. All sales are between the buyer and seller. The Guild makes no guarantees regarding the integrity of the equipment listed. Complete the application for listing on our exchange. Other online equipment marketplaces are listed in our FAQ.

For Sale

Schacht Spool Rack and Accessories

Schacht spool rack, LeClerc tension box with two reeds, yardage counter and 40 cardboard spools are for sale for $250. It is from the last century but in great condition. 

The rack is approximately 31" wide and 48" tall when assembled. The feet are about over a foot long. When not in use it comes apart into the component pieces and can easily fit into a corner of a closet.

Pick-up only in eastern Long Island. Shipping costs would be ridiculous.

If interested please send an email to and we will put you in touch with Nancy.

For Sale

100cm Oxaback Lilla

100 cm (~40") Oxaback Lilla Loom for $2000 obo. 8 shafts, 10 treadles, vertical countermarche. From a cat loving home (obviously). Cat not included.

Comes with three reeds (8, 10, 12), Includes 800 new heddles (half have never been used) as well as the original heddles; both Vavstuga and original tie up cords.


Also included is Tying Up Your Countermarch Loom by Joanne Hall, Dress Your Loom the Swedish Way DVD and a CDrom on assembling and warping the loom. I can also forward PDFs on assembly and warping. When the loom came to me one apron rod was missing and has been replaced with a metal rod.

Loom is broken down and easy to transport. Pick up only in Brooklyn, NY.


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