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Online listing allows current members to sell their equipment. All sales are between the buyer and seller. The Guild makes no guarantees regarding the integrity of the equipment listed. If you are not a member, join now.

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Temple for Sale

Dryad Handicrafts wooden temple. 24 to 42 inches. Very good condition. Price: $20

Contact carol.steuer@gmail.com

Yarn for Sale

2)  3 spools of 100% linen warp, yarn weight 1 lb 12 oz, about 2,000 yards. Natural matte taupe color, rough spun, slightly variable in thickness averaging 1/16” with occasional thicker slubs.  Price:  $10

4)  2 skeins of wool/camel hair yarn suitable for weft or off-loom weaving, yarn weight 1 lb, 42 yards.  Caramel color, loose twist, lofty texture.  Price: $5

Contact Eleanor at  (718) 768 7164, or mitsouko37@gmail.com

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