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Leclerc Colonial 60” Jack/Counterbalance 8-harness loom

Includes 5-dent reed, warping spacer, flying shuttle beater with shuttle and bobbins, plus loom bench with Fireside Fiberarts Commuter seat (with back support, moves back and forth on bench), and extra warping beam. Pick up only, in the Albany, NY area. In beautiful condition. $4,000 negotiable.

Contact Paula at paula@diviningthemuse.com   (3/6/2021)

loom bench.jpg

Three Items for Sale: Contact Kathy at kbarrios@aol.com

#1. Lacis Bead Loom

Designed for wide pattern weaving with ordinary seed beads or "Delica" beads as would be required for beaded bags. The raised frame incorporates a warp frame which simplifies the preparation of the warp and incorporates integral warp tension control. Can weave up to a 11” width and 36” length. Never used or assembled. In original box with instructions and all parts included.

Price:  $45.00 + $9.99 shipping.

#2. Fiber Artist Supply Cone Holder

This stand is used for warping up to 8 cones of yarn. Comes apart easily so it can be stored flat. Base: 20” x 8”,  height:  15”

Price:  $56.99 + Shipping $9.99


#3. Dazzlers Best Horizontal Warping Mill

This is a solid wood custom made warping mill. It is no longer produced by Dazzlers Best due to the high cost to ship this item. The photo shown is the finished product, but the item for sale is unassembled in the original box. All parts are included but there are no instructions. It will warp up to 20 yards.

Base measures 34.5" long by 11" wide. The handle extends 7"beyond the base. The wheel spokes are approximately 18" long and overall height is about 21".

When closed, the warping mill is easily stored on top of a cabinet, lying on its side under a bed, or on a closet shelf.

See it on action on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ry5geHO1Xis

Price: US$ 199.99.  LOCAL PICK UP ONLY.


AVL 12 shaft loom for sale


Need to make room for a new loom

so am selling my AVL 12 shaft

mechanical dobby loom.

I’m pricing it to sell ($600).


  • 35” weaving width

  • loom bench

  • 12 shafts

  • texsol heddles

  • plastic hook-eye covers for all shafts -
    prevents heddles from catching on the
    hook-eyes on neighboring shafts

  • 1 plain back beam

  • 1 12 epi reed custom sized to fit this loom

  • an extra cable for connecting either treadle to the mechanical dobby

  • mechanical dobby with extra bars and pegs, plastic peg tape and dobby screws for connecting linkage strips

  • brand new dobby peg wrench

  • extra zip ties for connecting older version dobby bars together

  • printed manual

  • It’s light and easily moved. But, it does have some quirks - shafts sometimes can stick. But in general, works great.

  • No shipping - so local pick up only (south Jersey).


Contact Nancy at nancy2terrific@gmail.com