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2024-2025 Program Calendar 

Programs will be in person and on Zoom. Members will receive an email with the meeting link a week before the meeting.

Didn't get the email link? Use the Contact Us form to request it again.

September 28, 2024

Laura Adburgham

Handwoven Textiles

Laura will give a talk about her textile practice since starting a weaving studio in 2012. Sponsored by the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust, an M.A. enabled her to push technical and creative boundaries of dobby loom weaving, resulting in a series of three-dimensional art forms. Today, she works as a Textiles Specialist for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

October 26, 2024

Tia Keobounpheng


Tia is a multidisciplinary artist of Finnish and Sámi descent based in Minneapolis, MN. Her abstract “unwoven” tapestries break apart traditional craft methods as a means of practicing decolonization as a white woman in America.

December 7, 2024 

Holiday Craft Party

January 25, 2025

Michelle Driver

Weave With Me

Michelle is an artist and handweaver based in Adelaide, South Australia. Using the ancient medium of tapestry, Driver depicts unconventional subject matter that often seems incongruous with the artform’s historically conservative applications. The textural nature of each work lends depth and complexity to scenes of gothic subculture, medical imagery and the occult, creating pieces that simultaneously intrigue and discomfit the viewer.

February 22, 2025

Sally Orgren

A Wee Scottish Textile Tour

Accompany fellow weaver Sally Orgren when she visited Scotland in the fall of 2023. Unlike her previous trips hiking the West Highland Way, bagging a Munro, or climbing Old Man of Storr on the Isle of Skye, she was on a mission to see tweed, tartan, and meet crofters wherever she could find them. Grab a dram of whiskey and join her for a frolicking tour from Edinburgh to Dundee, Inverness, Stornaway, and back again.

March 29, 2025

Jacqueline Qiu

Weaving an Object for the Viewer’s Mind 

Jacqueline is a multidisciplinary artist based in New York. Exploring the breaking down of traditional fiber crafts and the combining of Eastern and Western painting philosophies, Jacqueline immortalizes transitory attachments and nomadic pondering through playful rearrangements and reconstructions of nature. Her woven tapestries hang at the conjunction between inner landscapes and the outer world.

April 26, 2025

Ruben Marroquin

Textile Art  

Ruben is an American/ Venezuelan artist who makes textile- covered assemblages as sculptural wall hangings. Marroquin’s unique approach to art making results in breathtaking pieces of stunning output.

May 24, 2025 

Tina Bliss

My Production Weaving Journey

Tina, graphic designer for over 40 years in NYC, transitioned to weaving in late 2000s with the acquisition of a “free” countermarch floor loom. Thus, the weaving journey began. Her participation with the NYGH board introduced her to then VP Soraya Shah, textile designer. After modifying her Glimakra Standard to a 24-shaft Toika computer assist, Tina and Soraya started working together in 2017. In addition to weaving bespoke upholstery fabric, Tina participates in local craft fairs selling various textiles for home and fashion.


(Eastern Time)

Unless otherwise listed, this is the schedule.

11:00 am  — Arrive at SVA or log into Zoom for the social hour or get help on a weaving problem.

12:00 pm — Show & Tell. We will send out instructions on how to send in your latest creations and tell us all about it!

1:00 pm — One hour program presented by a noted speaker, followed by a brief Q&A

Zoom Code of Conduct

Our guild offers a safe and welcoming environment to listen, learn, and share ideas. To this end, we ask participants to not operate a motor vehicle while attending our guild meetings and events remotely via Zoom.

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Become a Program Speaker

The Guild is always interested in inviting new speakers on any fiber-related topic that is of interest to our members. If you have a proposal for a presentation, please use the contact page to describe your talk.

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