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Textile Tourism

Here are some links to companies offering textile-specific trips,

focusing on cultural and traditional techniques.

NYGH makes no endorsement of these tours. Tour companies: To be added to the list, please email

All Things Intriguing
Country: India

Andean Textile Arts
Country: Peru

Art Workshops in Guatemala
Country: Guatemala

Asian Textile Studies
Country: Indonesia

Aula Artesana
Country: Peru

Behind the Scenes Adventures
Countries: Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Ghana, Senegal, Gambia, India, Turkey, Uzbekistan

Craft Tours
Countries: Europe, South America, Middle East, Asia

Creative Art Safaris
Countries: India, Morocco

Cultural Tours of Morocco
Country: Morocco

Esprit Travel & Tours
Country: Japan

From Lost to Found Travel

Country: India

Handcrafted Holidays
Countries: Great Britain and Ireland

Hello Voyager Tour
Countries: Sweden, Italy, Great Britain, Scotland

Icelandic Knitter
Country: Iceland

Loom Dancer Weaving Odysseys
Countries: Scotland, Italy, Guatemala, Japan, Canada, Wales, Ecuador, Mexico, Africa, Estonia, Peru

Mayan Hands
Country: Guatemala

Oaxaca Cultural Navigator
Country: Mexico

Noble Journeys
Countries: Morocco, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Peru

Opulent Quilt Journeys

Weaving, knitting, textiles

Countries: Europe, Asia, Morocco

Peruvian Art Tours

Country: Peru

Country: India

Slow Fiber Tours
Countries: India, Mexico, Japan, France, Italy 

Textile Odyssey
Countries: Bhutan, Assam, Nepal, China, Uzbekistan

Textile Trails
Countries: India, Nepal, Bhutan, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Peru

Thread Caravan
Countries: Mexico, Panama, India, Guatemala

Threads of Peru
Country: Peru

Tour Studio

Countries: Italy, Sweden, Denmark

Traditions Mexico
Country: Mexico

Vivian Harvey Travel

Countries: Central and South America

Wild Fibers
Countries: Himalayas, India, South Africa

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