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Member Spotlight Series: Fannie Lee

"...It's been wonderful, the lectures, the camaraderie between people, the ability to talk shop with other people who understand." - Fannie Lee

NYGH Membership Chairperson Katy Clements has just completed yet another enjoyable and insightful interview to add to our Membership Spotlight Series - this time with Brooklyn native Fannie Lee. Watching their conversation on our YouTube channel has the feeling of being in the room with them; I found myself nodding and smiling throughout the 47 minute long video!

Fannie Lee is a first-generation Chinese American woman whose work reflects the differences as well as the commonality of two cultures. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, where she currently lives and maintains her fiber studio. Her formal art education was from Kent State University, Kent, OH and she attended Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY for post-graduate studies.

Her work resides in private and corporate collections, and she continues to show her work through private and public galleries. In recent years, Fannie's work has evolved and her focus has been woven tapestry. In 2022, her work has been exhibited in the following shows:

Fannie has been a member of the NY Guild of Handweavers since 2016. Her skill and passion for weaving inspire all of us at NYGH!

Watch the NYGH Members Spotlight interview with Fannie:


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