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Marketplace at Convergence 2016

24-shaft computer assist Toika loom.

The Marketplace at Convergence 2016 has dozens of vendors and booths. Ever wondered what it would be like to use an AVL compu-dobby loom? Or a digital jacquard loom? How about trying out different spinning wheels to see which one is the best fit for you? If you don't know how to spin, don't worry... Constance at Schacht Spindle Company was nice enough to give me a crash course on spinning. I tried out the LadyBug wheel and with a little practice I started to get the hang of it!

Many of the vendors offer discounts to Convergence attendees. WEBS based out of Massachusetts will give you a 20% discount on $60 or more. Toika has free shipping on some of their looms. For someone who doesn't have a local weaving supply store nearby Convergence is great because you get to feel all the yarn and fibers and test out the equipment before you buy! I bought three cones of yarn and a brass reed hook from WEBS but alas that beautiful 24 shaft computer assist Toika stayed!

Loominarias/Iridescent Fibers pre-measured warp.

Take a weaving break at one of the many looms in the marketplace.


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