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Peggy Hart on Blankets

Photo of Peggy Hart with samples courtesy of Gail Gondek

The January 2016 NYGH meeting was abuzz with excitement! We had a full house to see Peggy Hart discuss how to design a blanket. We had many new faces in the crowd. Welcome!

She brought terrific examples and a fascinating progression of woven samples showing her evolution to final design for a blanket. She starts with color sketches, structure ideas and weaves small samples on warps as short as 42 inches long (incl. loom waste) and narrow, some 6-8" wide. She documents dimensions, washes, remeasures and then calculates the amount of takeup and shrinkage to aid in the decisions for the final throw. The samples also advise on the hand of the fabric, and determine if more sampling is required to reach desired effects. The main message... PLAN, SAMPLE, SAMPLE, SAMPLE. Stay tuned for more info on SAMPLING....


  • a throw (48x72) should weigh about 2.5 lbs.combine drafts

  • Do NOT use a detergent to wash. Suggestion: Biopac

  • for sticky warps, try hairspray

  • it's really okay to weave blankets in strips on smaller looms and join them together, either by hand or with a wide zig-zag

Some of her fiber sources:


Mercerized 3/2 UKI - Yarn Barn of Kansas


Brown Sheep from WooleryBartlett Yarns, Maine

Jaggerspun, Maine

Photos courtesy: Sally Orgren


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