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NYGH 2015 Swatch Project

The Guild has a large Swatch Library that is about to get larger.

Sample donations have out paced the ability to catalog them and make them available to Guild members. There is a backlog of about 100 beautiful swatches from 2 to 16+ shafts, of many fibers, patterns and colors. These swatches come from Guild members, other guilds, and conferences such as MAFA and NEWS. There are also some duplicate samples from Pandora’s Box. These photos show just a few of these wonderful swatches.

We will be identifying the swatches by structure, number of shafts used, yarns used, and weaver, or as much of this information as we have. The swatches will be attached to a record sheet with their information and assigned a Binder Letter and sample number. An index card with this information will be the check-out card.

—Carie Kramer


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