Weaving the Threads of New England History

New England Heritage Conference: Weaving the Threads of New England History

August 27, 2016 to September 3, 2016

The New England Heritage Conference is held in partnership with the Portsmouth Athenaeum.

Discover how textiles and clothing both shaped and reflected civilization in New England over time. Through a variety of lectures and workshops, explore transitions from farm to factory, homespun to decorative art and handcrafts to mill manufacturing. Delve into the story of how society wove the fabric of both labor and leisure. Be entertained by glimpses into Victorian underpinnings and the exploits of mill girls. Hear from experts on weaving and costumes of various historical periods in New England. Investigate what state of the art textile technology might have meant in centuries past. Indulge in handicrafts of long ago and learn how fashions illuminated the values and trends of the times.

Although there is no separate children’s programming, the Heritage of New England conference welcomes children of all ages under the supervision of their parents/guardians.

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