3 Reasons to Join a Weaving Guild When You Don't Know How to Weave

1. YOU LOVE TEXTILES. Our Guild meetings consist of Show & Tell followed by a guest speaker - and the NYGH is famous for its amazing guest list of weavers and other textile artists. Show & Tell lets you see an array of woven fabrics and creative items, learn how they were made, and discover things about textiles that you had no idea about! Our guest speakers are a wide ranging and highly experienced group of craftspeople - often world famous - and they give hour long presentations on their work, including time for questions. You’d have to travel to exhibitions or museums for such an event (or watch PBS’ Craft in America series!) but for guild members they are coming to you on a regular basis. It's a great opportunity to enjoy and enrich your love of textiles.

Turkish rug, hand woven and naturally dyed

2. YOU WISH YOU COULD WEAVE. There’s no better way to learn than to join a guild full of weavers who are happy to share their experience and expertise! Take it from me: I’m a spinner (Ashford Kiwi wheel) who always wanted to weave. One day I paid $350 for a learn-to-weave course that consisted of a small tabletop rigid heddle loom and an afternoon of instruction, and it was well taught. But after that day it was just me and the loom, and it was frustrating. The loom gathered dust. But once I joined the NYGH, the monthly meetings had me chatting with guild members who offered tips and inspiration. They inspired me to finally make time in my life for weaving, and they helped me over every beginner bump along the way.

Kilim bag, possibly Turkish

3. IT'S GOOD TO BE PART OF A COMMUNITY. We are experiencing an extraordinary situation because of Covid-19, and our Guild has switched to an online format in order to continue our community connections. We’ll be sharing our work during our first ever Online Show & Tell on July 25 (and again on August 22); our September and October speakers will be presenting via Zoom (and this may be the situation for our entire 2020/21 season, depending on the virus). Being part of a community gives you access to all sorts of people who not only share your interests but can further them; a single meeting, conversation, or email exchange can put you onto new paths. Being part of a creative community is supportive during a difficult situation. This is why we have reduced our annual membership to just $20 (and students only $5!), in the hopes of maintaining and growing our community at this time. And you don’t even need to be in NYC!

Kilim, probably Turkish

Lastly, you may be wondering, “What are all the photographs in this blog post?” Well, I am a lover of textiles - which is why I joined NYGH when I really couldn’t weave - and I just wanted to share some of my favorite pieces with my community of weavers and textile lovers. Below are a stack of rugs that I've bought at different times and places, a 19th century West African indigo dyed cotton wrap, and a kilim and a rug with embroidered motifs that I keep meaning to research.

Hope to see you at our Show & Tells!


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