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Tina Bliss

Weaving:  Scarves, Baby Blankets, Placemats, Tea Towels, Wall Hangings

t bliss1.jpg
t bliss2.jpg

Elisabeth Jonsson Brown

Weaving:  Scarves, Shawls, Vests,

Jackets, Hats

e j brown1.jpg
e j brown 2.jpg

Brook Cook

Dyeing:  Hand-dyed Roving

b cook 1.jpg
b cook 2.jpg

Meg Kennedy

Paper Stitching, Crazy Quilt Bags,

Book Arts, Cards, Calligraphy

m kennedy1.jpg
m kennedy2.jpg

Sheryl Kessler

Embroidery Art:  Wall Hangings

s kessler1.jpg
s kessler2.jpg

Hedy Lyles

Weaving:  Scarves, Shawls,

Hand Towels, Handspun Yarn

h lyles1.jpg
h lyles 2.jpg

Charlene Marietti

Weaving, Knitting, Braiding: Scarves, Shawls, Kitchen Towels, Necklaces

c marietti 1.jpg
c marietti2.jpg

Gigi Matthews

Spinning:  Handspun Yarn

Weaving: Scarves

g matthews1.jpg
g matthews2.jpg

Nancy Nagle

Weaving, Dyeing, Spinning, Knitting, Crocheting, Scarves, Hats

n nagle1.jpg
n nagle2.jpg

Nancy Nalbandian

Face Masks

n nalbandian1.jpg
n nalbandian2.jpg

Peggy O’Neill

Herbal Salves

p_oneill 1.jpg
p_oneill 2.jpg

Pam Pawl

Weaving:  Scarves, Shawls, Blankets

p pawl1.jpg
p pawl2.jpg

Sara Robbins

Basketry, Weaving, Eco-printing:  

Baskets, Scarves

s robbins1.jpg
s robbins 2.jpg

Nancy Shiffrin

Weaving:  Scarves, Shawls, Cowls

n_shiffrin 1.jpg
n_shiffrin 2.jpg

Carol Steuer

Weaving:  Scarves, Shawls, Dish Towels, Rugs, Table Runners

c steuer1.jpg
c steuer2.jpg

Melissa Terrels

Weaving:  Towels, Aprons, Scarves,

Shawls, Bags, Baby Items

m terrels1.jpg
m terrels2.jpg

Nicholas Thaete

Weaving:  Hand Cane and Rush Chairs, Benches, Stools. Pick-up only

n thaete 1.jpg
n thaete 2.jpg

Bobbie Ann Tilkens-Fisher

Sculptural Weavings, Interior Styling,

Wall Hangings

b tilkins1.jpg
b tilkins2.jpg

Julia Wilson

Weaving:  Table Runners, Blankets,

Tea Towels

j wilson1.jpg
j wilson2.jpg

Kathryn Barrios

Weaving, Knitting: scarves, shawls, hats

k barrios1.jpg
k barrios2.jpg