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Swatch Exchange 2018

Plain Weave Isn't Plain Swatch Exchange

Application is now closed. Guidelines are below.

There are EIGHT participants for the 2018 exchange. Due April 2018.

NYGH is celebrating Plain Weave this season in conjunction with the March 2018 Hands-On Workshop. Here's a chance to explore some of the techniques described by Denise Kovnat at the September meeting or techniques described in our separate NYGH Plain Weave workshop description.


  1. Study Plain Weave and pick a pattern/colors/textures/fibers to weave or make up your own. Project can be woven on rigid heddle, backstrap or 2+ shaft looms.
  2. Weave your Plain Weave fabric. Make at least enough to supply 5 x5" swatches for the number participants of the swatch exchange, plus at least one sample for the NYGH Guild. It is probably worthwhile to weave enough for an article of clothing, linens, a blanket or scarf. The number of participants will be announced at the October meeting.
  3. Download and compete the NYGH sample exchange record form. Be generous with your comments and add as much information as possible.
  4. Make as many copies of your completed Sample Sheet as you have samples.
  5. Sew or tie the woven sample to each of the Sample Sheets. Include a sample of the yarns used, if possible.
    Insert each page into a sheet protector and bring a three ring binder to put all your swatches you receive together.
  6. Bring your swatches to the NYGH April 2018 meeting and be prepared to discuss what you learned.

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