How can I join the New York Guild of Handweavers?

We would be delighted to welcome you as a member. We accept payment with PayPal, info on page 2 of the membership application.
Join the Guild or Renew Membership Online

Your name will be added to the member roster, and you will begin receiving your NYGH newsletter via email. Program meetings are free to members.

If you prefer, you may join the guild at any of our meetings, where you can fill out a membership form and pay your dues in person.

How much is Membership?

Our annual dues are $42 for the calendar year September to May.
Student memberships $16 with valid ID

How can I sell a loom/yarn/weaving equipment?

Listings are for NYGH members only.

Members may list items in the classified ad section in the NYGH monthly newsletter, or on NYGH's Weaver's Exchange online marketplace. Classified ads are free to members. Please complete the online form to list your items.

Not a member? Please join the guild, then complete the online Weaver's Exchange form to list your items. When membership payment is received, your items will be listed.

Alternately, you can list your items on the following online marketplaces:

To encourage interested shoppers, we suggest that you include links to photos, a description of loom, including manufacturer, number of harnesses, number of treadles, weaving width, approximate age and condition of loom, location, asking price, delivery options, telephone number and email address, in your classified. Follow the instructions for links to online photos on the Weaver's Exchange page.

How do I register for weaving lessons?

How do I register for weaving lessons?

We do not teach weaving classes, but we are a club of weavers that exists to promote the craft of handweaving; we have programs, speakers and workshops about weaving. You can find weaving instructors in our Resources section. A number of our members have attended many of the classes described on the website. The weaving classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology have been especially popular with our members.

Where can I buy weaving yarn in New York City?

Although there are many places to buy knitting yarn in NYC, there are few places to buy weaving yarn or equipment. School Products has a very small selection of weaving yarns.

Silk City, in Paterson, NJ has a big sale the first Saturday of every month at their warehouse location.

Please see our Resources page for contact information for online vendors.

I have a hole/tear in my favorite jacket. Can one of your members reweave it?

Our group does not do this sort of weaving. We weave towels, scarves, rugs, placemats, and tapestries on hand looms. You are looking for someone who practices "re-weaving" or "French weaving", which is the mending of torn woven goods with fine threads. Please contact one of the following companies for help with your project.

How do I attend a meeting?

Our meetings are the last Saturday of every month, September thru April, at the School of Visual Arts, Room 602C, 133 West 21st Street (between 6th & 7th Ave.)
The guest fee is $8.
The lecture begins at 1PM.

Previous to the lecture, we have a social hour that begins at noon. This is an opportunity for members and guests to visit, exchange ideas, and get better acquainted. Members bring their lunches, we have complimentary coffee and light refreshments. If your schedule permits, please join us for the social hour.

Our programs are usually an hour long, with a question and answer period following the lecture. We look forward to welcoming you.

If you subscribe to our mailing list (see home page), you will receive notices for the next NYGH meeting.

Where is the NYGH Library?

Our library is housed in our librarian's home - we do not have a public space for it.

Our members borrow books by sending an email request to the Librarian, she will bring the requested books to the next guild meeting, or members can come to her home to pick them up, or make a plan to meet at a mutually convenient location.

Use of the library is a benefit of membership - it is not available to non-members.

Can you please send me your newsletter?

Our newsletter reports on local events, exhibits, sales, publications and member news that is of interest to weavers.

It is published monthly, and is a benefit of membership. To receive a newsletter, you must be a guild member. Join now.

If you do not wish to receive a newsletter, join our mailing list. You will receive email announcements of our events.

Can I rent a guild loom?

Select the loom you wish to rent.

  • There is a damage/security deposit:
    $50 Dorothy 4-shaft Loom security deposit
    $50 LeClerc Bergere 24 inch rigid heddle loom security deposit
    $45 Cricket 10" Rigid Heddle Loom security deposit
  • Rent is per month for a maximum of three months:
    $35 per month - Dorothy 4-shaft Loom rental
    $30 per month - LeClerc Bergere 24 inch Rigid Heddle Loom rental
    $25 per month - Cricket 10" Rigid Heddle Loom rental
  • The loom must be returned in the condition it was received in. All warps must be removed.
  • Make a check out to "The New York Guild of Handweavers" and mail to address below.
  • Upon receipt of payment, you will be contacted with information on where to pick up the loom
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